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I recently received the beautiful book that features our Stradivari cello. The book is so beautiful – a work of art – and the pictures so realistic, you feel like you are actually touching the instruments. Thank you very much!

A. V. G., Norway

Im Uebrigen habe ich auch an den Bänden 5-8 grosse Freude. Das ganze Projekt ist ein Meisterwerk. Davon wird man auch in hundert Jahren sprechen, und die Bücher werden bestimmt begehrte Sammlerstücke sein.

H. A., Switzerland

The books are fabulous and are a great reference. Beautiful Pictures.

J. T., London

The book you sent me is truly beautiful and I thank you again. You have created works that will last for decades--and hopefully centuries. I wish you much good fortune in getting these volumes into the collections of many libraries and universities. It is amazing to think of people using them 300 years from now.

N. N., USA

I wish to congratulate again for your impressive books on Stradivari. They are for me a source of delight, joy and study. And thank you again for your most kindness regarding my trouble with the shipment of the books.

P. S., Buenos Aires

Grazie Jost, Ho ritirato i libri ... Sono bellissimi. Sei il numero uno !!!

G. N., Italy

I have now examined the volumes.....a feast for the eyes and mind and the emotions, imagining the sounds they create. Once again your production will be the Stradivarius of publishing.

D. T., London

Your books arrived and we are pleased to see such a well done publication.

J. I., USA

I received THE books today. Great job, they look very nice. Super pictures!

C. C., Paris

I received the four new books..simply fantastic! Bravo, excellent work. All the best.

G. A., Italy

Dear Jost, R. H. the photo’s of Canada Council for the Arts – Volume 5,6,7,8 - absolutely outstanding! Thank you for this wonderful work!

R. H., Canada

Zunächst einmal herzlichen Dank für die fantastischen Strad Bände V-VIII, die zum Verweilen über Nacht einladen - so man sie auf den Tisch stemmen konnte!

W. F., Switzerland

...they are absolutely outstanding, and I can imagine that many people at Mondomusica and other fairs in China will purchase many copies! Congratulations to your entire team--you will be leaving an incredible legacy for all of the rare instrument world, and something that will set the benchmark in quality for many decades to come!!

S. C., New York

You should be extremely proud of this accomplishment, publishing the greatest books of all-time of Stradivari's work, and we are honored to have taken a part with the new volume set.

S. C., New York

So after cleaning my hands, I had a look and also looked at the CD you have with the book. What can I say!? Stunning, outstanding don’t even come close and as far as the information in there and the detail that most luthiers would give their right hand for, these are without a doubt a must for ALL luthier schools as a minimum.

M. K., London

Lieber Jost, vielen Dank für die tollen Bücher! Sie sind eine große Inspiration!

R. H., Berlin



Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Mitteilung und Gratulation zu den faszinierenden Bänden über die Stradivari Instrumente. Sie sind tatsächlich überwältigend!

Prof. D.P. München, Germany

SUPER! SUPER ! You did a great job Jost!

G.S., Belgium

I will of course advertise your publications to my colleagues and some collectors to hopefully get some more people to purchase your beautiful and exquisite publications! We are so excited to see the finished product later this year--your books certainly will be the highlight of the year for my family and myself!! They are spectacular in every aspect possible.


Sehr beeindruckend das Video. Gratuliere Ihnen zu Ihren neuerlichen Erfolgen.

FF, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Good luck and bravo on the Strad books!


Ein toller Beitrag der transportiert, mit welcher Liebe und Begeisterung Sie das Thema leben.

A.Sch. Hamburg, Germany

Fantastic work, I believe you always do good books I am honored to get these 4 new volumes

F.L. Cremona, Italy

Jost, Outstanding!


I will have to get back to my German studies, but I enjoyed seeing some of the process. Thank you for your efforts in what must be one of the great violin publications of all time.


… meinen Glückwunsch zu einer weiteren Folge Ihres erfolgreichen Projekts.

H.L. B. Germany

Dear Jost, Thank you for the information on printing of the latest volumes. Good luck with the whole enterprise.

A.D. Minneapolis

… ich habe es mit großem Interesse angeschaut. Ich kann mir vorstellen die Arbeit mit viel, viel Geduld

T.P. Tschechien

Wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihrem Sohn viel Erfolg mit den neuen Bänden.

N.F. Düsseldorf, Germany

Bravó! Congrats Jost!

P.R. Ungarn

…I think you are doing a "tithanic" work and I hope to be able to buy sooner the whole collection/edition of your Strad books.

G.L. Padova, Italy

…das macht natürlich Appetit (besonders die verfeinerte Drucktechnik).

W.S. Berlin,Germany

…Habe mit großem Interesse gesehen, mit welcher Begeisterung Sie, Ihr Sohn aber auch die Inhaberin der Druckerei an diesem hochqualitativen Produkt arbeiten. Die limitierte Auflage wird dann sicher noch das "Sahnehäubchen". Ganz tolle Qualität. Chapeau!

B.S. Egelsbach, Germany

…sieht sehr beeinDRUCKend aus. Ich freue mich schon auf das Ergebnis!

R.H. Wien, Austria

…schöner Bericht.Freue mich auf die Edition.

W. St. München, Germany

…Vielen Dank, sehr schön zu sehen, herzlichen Glückwunsch lieber Herr Thöne

J.G. München, Germany

Of course I am your advance subscriber, Jost!!

R.R. Bologna, Italy

I have ordered the books and will be proud to see my name on the subscriber list.Very much looking forward to receiving the freshly printed paper, with kind regards,

Ph. I. London, Great Britain

…als Geigenbauer muss es doch eine „Ehrensache“ sein diese Bücher im Atelier zu haben…

B.H. Imola, Italy

…ich habe grossen Respekt vor dem Projekt und weiss, dass die Qualität sehr hoch ist,

C.J. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Indeed! Impressive. The technology we see operating, the quality of the rendition in the pictures, all make the TV report captivating. Congratulations!

D.D. Québec, Canada

This is a fabulous project, and I salute you for such a heroic effort. My pride in having the first volumes is great, and knowing you, the author, is meaningful. The following books appear to be beautiful. However, my library is complete, without any remaining space. In fact, I've handled the Strad often, but can barely lift out the first set of volumes from the book shelf. Thanks for your update, and I hope you continue to do so well. Sincerely,

B.S. Los Angeles, USA

Congratulations. Well done.